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Our concept’s key success factor is Paulaner’s worldwide brand awareness - it is very well-known. So every Paulaner TV commercial, poster and advertisement is marketing your Paulaner Bräuhaus as well.

The Paulaner Bräuhaus is a brand concept. It thrives on the fact that it is unmistakable, unique and completely authentic. This is why we place such great importance on consistent implementation. Of course every concept restaurant bears the personal trademark of its owner, but it is still unmistakably a Paulaner creation and represents a specific concept. In our handbook “Corporate Design” we have compiled everything required in order to reflect these inner values on the outside. This includes samples for letterheads, business cards, menus and posters as well as supply sources for a wide range of advertising materials.

Furthermore we offer an entire range of tips and tricks as to how you can increase your staff’s individual sales performance and increase your total trade by means of smart campaigns – especially for beer. Easy-to-implement sales promotion programs support you from the outset in marketing your business professionally and creating a successful positioning.




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