Paulaner Bräuhaus – a worthwhile investment

The reasons for investing in the catering and restaurant industry can be quite varied, ranging from personal enthusiasm and aptitude for the field of food and drink to the sheer necessity of filling an existing building with life or to add the final touches to a hotel.

Whatever the primary motive, every investor is interested in generating profits with the lowest possible risk and with the greatest possible planning reliability – not just today but in the future too.

The Paulaner Franchise & Consulting GmbH is an expert in this field. We have been planning and operating microbrewery restaurants worldwide for 20 years. We have mastered the full range of modern technologies and resources required for planning premises designed for sustainable gastronomical use. The main focus here is always on our popular on-premise brewed beer specialities with their exquisite quality and outstanding reputation. They are always fresh, naturally unfiltered and without any chemicals or preservatives.

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